Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ice Pops on Parade....

We proposed an easy Yopop recipe last week and enjoyed reading all the comments! Thank you readers!

    Today is wayyyy to hot to dance! So - I thought I'd expand on the Ice Pops as we are at 107 degrees for today! I can't imagine better timing for something cold!

Chocolate covered Cherry Yopop
    Due to our need to avoid Dairy we enjoy the Coconut and Soygurt options. (links posted in the last post) However - If you don't need or want to avoid dairy then  these recipes will work just great with the full dairy yogurt option as well. Also my ice pop molds are only four pops per tray - so that is what these amounts are aimed at. The really great thing is that these ingredients are relatively cost effective, healthy, and taste darn good before they ever make it into the molds! ☺

The following are combinations we particularly enjoy ♥:

Orange Cream yopop
1 container Mandarin Oranges - 4 oz cup
1 container Vanilla (insert your fav type here - I use Soygurt)

Apple Cinni Pop
Apple Cinni pop 1 container plain/original Apple sauce - 4 oz cup
a little apple juice and cinnimon to taste

Strawberries N' Cream yopop
1 container Vanilla (insert your fav type here - I use Soygurt)
1 container of Strawberry (insert your fav type here - I use Soygurt)

Banana and Strawberry
1 smashed banana
1 Strawberry Soygurt

Chocolate covered banana
1 smashed banana
1 Chocolate Coconut yogurt

Orange pop
1 container Mandarin Oranges - 4 oz cup
orange juice (we prefer Simply orange no pulp)

    This is something you could really get creative with. Consider what you like with chocolate. Perhaps Choc Coconut yogurt with either mandarin oranges,  or strawberry soygurt. Imagine them as orange chocolate or chocolate covered strawberries.

Orange Pop
    What do you like with Vanilla? Perhaps Vanilla Soygurt with pears (we have done this one and like it), or crushed pineapple. Think of this like a pina colada! This is something to get you dancing again! Go crazy - and enjoy!

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