Allergen Friendly ♥ Shopping List and Pantry Basics

I am an avid recipe developer and cook. I am not a medical professional. Some of these sites below also offer items that may not be allergen free - or free of your particular allergens - so consider contacting them and reading their websites and packages with care. ☺ For my own family I have found the following very useful.
Best Wishes-


Pederson All Natural Farms makes many varieties of bacon, sausage, ham, hotdogs, etc. Many of their products are free of most allergens (including MSG and Nitrates) and the company is great with communication. They answer email quickly and are very specific about ingredients.

Annies Naturals - A wide variety of organic and specialty products. The Annies Organic Ketchup is our favorite!

Earth Balance  - This is a fantastic alternative to butter! It comes in several varieties in both tubs and sticks.

Amy's Kitchen - This is a wonderful family owned line of convenience foods - many of which are GF and or allergen free. Lots of Vegan options as well.

Wholly Guacamole - This is the Guacamole standard in our kitchen.
Sun Butter in place of peanut butter(pb). Sun Butter is made of Sun Flower seeds and comes in different textures just like pb. It also has an excellent taste and no funky aftertaste.

Kinnikinnick is GF and fantastic! They have a variety of cookies and other items that are really yummy!

Mary's Gone Crackers - Delightful line of GF, Vegan delightfulness!

123 Gluten Free is a small company that makes good quality Gluten Free mixes. All the things you add to the bowl can be substituted or not to suit your dietary needs.

Cherrybrook Kitchens is another company that makes mixes - and are sometimes available in the grocery store.

Erewhon cereals are tasty and their website shows many varieties of cereals to suit different dietary needs. They answer email promptly and were specific when asked about particular ingredients.

Enjoy Life offers cookies, granola, snack bars, etc. The packaging indicates that they are "free of the 8 common allergens".

Dr. Lucy's Cookies - boxes say free of peanuts, tree nuts, mild, eggs, gluten. An MD created this company. Really nice bio on her site. Yummy cookies.

Stocks and Broths -These are what I found to be the best taste. Kitchen Basics has different varieties of stocks/broths and some are msg free and gluten free, etc.

Grains in a nice variety are available through Bob's Red Mill. Some are GF some are not.

San -J has a wonderful product with GF Tamari! Check it out here
Glutino and Gluten Free Pantry brand(s) has a variety of wonderful things including cake mixes, bread mixes, and ready made -pretzels, and Breakfast bars. I have had good exp with these items.

Being certain your family is getting the proper nutrition with food allergies, Celiac, and/or Vegan living, etc you might like this - 

For Fruit snacks in roll up form you will love has ice creams, milk substitutes - all delicious as the name suggests and vegan friendly as well as allergy friendly.

Some Rice pasta brands I like are-

Tinkyada Pasta Joy *by far the best* or (which will auto-redirect you to the first one)

Corn pastas:
Sam Mills pastas are particularly good. This website is not in English - but is still fun to visit. These are made in Europe.

Mrs.Leeper's corn pastas. From Italy I think. The site is of the distribution company which offers many brands and products. Not all their products are allergen free - but some are.

Also from national brands-
Check out GF Kellog's Rice Crispies, GF General Mills Chex Cereals, GF Betty Crocker Bisquick - all newer