Thursday, November 11, 2010


   What has chocolate, graham crackers, big smiles and says "MMmmmm"?

You and your little ones while eating Scooby-Doooo inspired snacks! 

   Hey Kids! As I sat one night viewing a documentary about the Bee Gees I noticed an outfit of theirs from the 60's that just had to be the inspiration for the attire of Fred.  Although there were talks of Aston Martins and Rolls Royce's I still wondered if they had a vehicle like the Mystery Machine!

  As a real deal Scooby Doo fan for as long as I can remember - all of this kind of begs the question:
Ever wonder just what Scooby snacks are? Stick with me kids - I'm thinking total snack yummy-ness!

   This is where some real fun began. So- I asked my kids what their fav snacks are and then started experimenting. Think of me like a kitchen Velma :) I broke out some Bee Gees music and various types of cookies, chocolate, marshmallows, and crisp rice cereal.

  I did learn something interesting from this - marshmallows in the microwave are not the best idea. What a mess that made. It is an interesting show though. They grow huge and sometimes one sort of floats out of the bowl. Everything they touch from that moment becomes all gummed up! When they cool they sort of collapse and also make a gummed useless mess! It all looked a lot like a monster - Jinkies!

  The most successful snack item created was chocolate covered graham style crackers. These were met with total enthusiasm! I will continue to refine a recipe for my Scooby Snacks and share when complete.
UPDATE: NO. These are simple and wonderful as is. We really could not improve on them. ♥ 

Fav quote from my chocolate covered child while trying out my Scooby Snack ideas -
"Look at me now Daddy-Oh!"

From these....

....To these ♥

'Scooby Snacks!' On the right you can see how they look after being wrapped in wax paper and refrigerated over night. They hold up pretty well that way. ☺

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