Friday, April 8, 2011

Le'me at the Lentils

Lentils are wonderful to eat and delightfully cost effective.

I usually find a one pound bag of lentils cost less then a dollar. They are also very shelf stable and are therefore a great thing to stock up on! They do not require soaking so they are time savers too. Do sort and rinse well.  Follow the package directions so they are generally al dente. However, I like to cook mine longer then the package indicates ~ they get a bit softer that way. I do not know about production or transport, etc of Lentils. We have had no reactions to them - but you should always consider a new item carefully. Perhaps discuss Lentils with your allergist or Celiac specialist.

I like the Italian Lentil Soup recipe we came up with here. Please let me know how you like this!

In order of use -

Olive oil - just enough to brown or saute' the following:
couple of hand-fulls of fresh spinach,
1 chopped onion
1 can diced tomato (add after the above is soft)
and add amount to your taste - Cayenne pepper, minced Garlic, oregano, salt

Add 2 boxes veggie stock (I like Kitchen Basics)
Add 4 links Italian dinner sausage, coined (I like Pederson's Farms)
Add 1 bag dry Lentils (Sorted and rinsed)

Let it boil until the Lentils are soft, soup thickened, and sausage cooked through. You may need to add hot water as you go to suit your taste.

This is a hearty, yummy meal for the cooler nights! I do hope that you enjoy this as well as we do! Maybe it will even have you dancing! ♥

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