Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Traditional Colcannon

This is a wonderful Irish recipe that is used in my family very often!

 It is an old favorite and traditional Halloween meal.

Yes - I know its not October (for the original post) but it is on my mind (and in my menu this week) so I thought I'd share!

If you have left over cooked potatoes this is a fantastic way to use them! Its also quite economical - even entirely from scratch! This also freezes really well. I double this recipe for my family because they love it so much!

1 Lg. Skillet/Frying Pan
1 Lb. (or 4 cups) Med. potatoes - peeled, boiled and roughly mashed (or previously baked or fried potato- roughly mashed)
1 1/2 Lb. (or 6 cups) Curly Kale, Chopped and steamed (You can substitute 6 cups of cooked cabbage if you wish.)
3 T. Earth Balance (you can substitute corn or canola oil if you wish.)
1/2 cup chopped green onions (you can substitute 1 large onion chopped if you wish)
2/3 soy milk
1 t. lemon
Salt and Pepper to taste

Mix Soy milk and lemon juice and microwave for 30 sec. Stir and set aside 

In a large bowl - Mix kale (or cabbage) into potatoes and add the soy milk/lemon juice mix.

Brown the onion in the Earth balance (or oil) until soft. When finished mix this into the kale, milk and potatoes.

Add new Earth Balance to the pan and make hot. Press the veggie mixture into the hot pan and allow mixture to brown a bit crispy on the bottom then break up and mix.
Serve in large dish topped with a couple of pats or dollops of Earth Balance family style or in individual bowls.

For you omnivores - this is great paired with pork. Either Bacon or ham especially with mustard ♥

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