Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Simple Curried Tofu

Truely a SIMPLY created Curried Tofu!

Hi everyone!  I recently became acquainted with Indian food. Accordingly, I went mad in my kitchen trying to figure out how to create flavor profiles that work and are also a breeze to whip up! I want to share this fantastic easy recipe with you!

I am able to find the components of this recipe easily in my area store and hopefully you will find the same to be true. If you are already buying items like Tamari and Vegenaise this should be a breeze! These are not Indian ingredients just vegetarian or allergen friendly versions of the 'full monty' type. The Natural Grocer may be an available American option for these items as they have stores in many states.

Gather the following:

Large frying pan with deeper sides
Corn or Canola oil (enough to cover pans inner bottom)

2 Pkg. Very firm fresh Tofu, pressed and drained (more notes below), cubed
2 Celery stalk - chopped small
1 Red onion - chopped small
1/2 c Vegenaise (I prefer the blue label type) (non egg, non dairy, vegan mayo!!)
1 t GF Tamari
1 T Curry Powder
1/2 t. ea: Paprika, Oregano, Thyme, Parsley
Amount to taste: Cayenne Pepper & Salt
Veggie stock

Begin with a hot pan. Add oil to cover the bottom.

Fry the celery & red onion until soft.

Add the spices (curry powder, Paprika, Oregano, Thyme, Parsley) to the hot veggies. Quickly stir and let it sizzle.

Add the tofu cubes and gently stir.

Stir in Vegenaise and Tamari. Turn the heat down and stir. Let it cook for a few min more then remove and serve over a bed of cooked rice. (recipe below)

Add salt and Cayenne to taste.


This should not be dry. If it is a bit dry add a little water or veg stock as you go to keep it nice and moist!

If you would like to make this a little bit heartier I recommend adding green peas (I have used either canned or frozen and like both).

Easy Indian inspired rice to go under the above:
Long grain rice
Note: This is a grain type not a brand name.  If you don't have this type of rice or want to stick with rice you have in your pantry then just use your regular rice.
Regardless of type- follow the directions on the package for rice cooking.

When placing the pot of water on the stove add the following to the water:
 2 t. Cumin seed (or 1/2 t. Cumin powder)
1/4 t. Cinnamon

About prepping Tofu -
Drain, slice the Tofu into 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick slices. Use a Pyrex or casserole style dish which has been covered in a clean, dry, towel. If your towel is fuzzy place two paper towels on top of the towel so the tofu does not get fuzzy. Place the slices into the pan in a single layer. Cover with a layer of paper towel or non-fuzzy, clean, dry, towel. Place the next single layer of tofu and cover with towel. Repeat above steps until you have layered all your tofu. Place something very heavy on top of the whole thing allowing pressure to be placed on the layers of tofu. I use 2 tall, narrow, gallon jugs of either Gatorade or Tree Top apple juice - which then fits into my fridge.

It is best if this can press over night or all day - but as little as an hour will still work. The less time you allow for pressing the thinner you may want to slice that tofu!

When you are ready to cook - remove the tofu from the layers of towel and set aside. Dispose of paper towels, toss cloth towels into the wash. These should both be pretty wet at this point! Then you can cube the tofu. Cube it last because the slices of tofu seem to press better then cubed!

ALSO - I plan to add a tab to Kitchen Ballet about Tofu - but that may take me a while ♥
If you have questions just drop me a note and I promise to answer!

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